Art and Other Crafty Things

Here's a page where we can continually add art and projects. This page will be colorful and fun!

I thought I'd get us started while I had some time on my computer today! Here are some of my projects that I use for my positive message blog :) as well as some other sort of quirky stuff that I love making.

A blog sign reminding people that they are perfect just the way they are


Fingerless gloves I made for my mom

A sign I made after the earthquake in Christchurch,  New Zealand

A kitchen sign I made because I love food!

My blog's title sign: I keep this up in my house no matter where I am

A sign I made after the earthquake in Japan
Blog sign for my most recent post for the Blog Competition

Blog sign made for Alicia Silverstone, thanking her for featuring my blog on her website

Knit vegetable rattles for my friend who just had twin boys!

happy heart blog sign

A birthday gift for my wonderful mother in law who loves to garden

A house warming gift for my sister for her new apartment in Vermont

A headband I made out of old lace, ribbons and doileys

My yarn tree! I can't wait to be in my own space again to make another one. It's like having nature in your living room!

Blog sign I made for Lynne Cox, a writer I have become friends with who wrote one of my favorite books, Grayson. 

A reminder to embrace all people, all the time, no exceptions :)

I guess that was more than I thought it was going to be! But I love art and I'm creating everyday. I love making signs for people. I put them on Etsy and sell them for .20+shipping so anyone can enjoy them! Thanks for look at my art. I would love to see some of all of your arts and crafts and whatnot!


  1. Oh Becca I think I'm in love with your yarn tree <3 it's awesome!! I'd like to do something similar in my room but I've so many posters/photos on the walls that there isn't any space. I'll save the idea for my own place.. someday xD
    I like the kitchen sign too, it suits me!

    Also I noticed that we can't add more than a post in the additional pages. I did some researches and it's not possible. I'm sorry I didn't know it.
    Now, we can either modify your first post adding our stuff on top of it or create several pages for each one of us. What do you suggest?

  2. I wish I could come help you make a yarn tree! It's so fun! You get lots of blisters from the tacks but it's worth it! I think we can just go ahead and modify this page and just make it a super long page of art!! If it gets too long we can always create another one!

  3. Holy cow ... I love your yarn tree but know I am nowhere near patient enough to make one myself. lol You are so talented and so creative!