Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sorry it's been forever!

Hi friends,

I'm glad this blog is here because every time I go into my own blog, I find this one and it is a reminder that I have other bloggers who are caring, creative and willing to share and listen. What a special thing we have created!

Even though we may go long without writing, it is always here and I hope that will continue indefinitely.

A lot has been happening lately. My husbands publishing company is really taking off and I am so proud of him. I help his with some office stuff but have started to really branch out and do my own artistic endeavors.

I found my dream job just last week. In Pensacola, there is a shop called Bia's Sublime Tea. It is a loose leaf tea shop with all the tea you could ever imagine and it is also a local artisan shop. In the back part of the store, Bia has three sewing machines and a workroom for crafting and making art. Bia and I have worked out a deal where I work for her a few days a week to keep the store and the tea organized and she pays me under the table. We also worked out that she would teach me how to sew and I could make items to sell in the store and make money off of what I make! I will also be teaching beginner and intermediate knitting classes as well as some other craft classes for children. On top of all that I get all the free tea I want! How crazy is that? It's literally my dream job for right now.

I'm currently working on a line of knit fruits and vegetables. Some are magnets. Others will be baby rattles and others just plush toys. I was approved to have my own stand at the local farmer's/artisan market and will be selling my items for the first time on August 6th! I thought I'd share some photos with you ladies because they are sort of fun and quirky.

The strawberries and the Mushrooms are magnets and the eggplant is a couch pillow that I made for my sister for her birthday. These projects have been so fun and rewarding. My focus now is on baby rattles. I'd like them to be able to be sold in boutiques around the country. So I'm going to be testing out price points and the right market for them and all that. It's exciting times! 

On a sadder note, I lost a good friend and mentor yesterday. He was an amazing man who changed thousands of people's lives. He pioneered hikes with people who could not walk and took thousands of people on thousands of hikes to see the world in all its natural glory. He even has peaks of mountains named after him because he was such a pioneer!! But more importantly he was my friend and taught me how to love with all my heart. I have a post about him on my blog if you'd like to read my tribute to him.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening everyone!



  1. Hey Becca! It's nice to her from you after such a long time and I'm sorry about your friend, he really seemed a special person.

    I officially envy your new work, how cool is it?!?! And I love the little strawberries you make, they're so sweet <3

  2. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! did you do them yourself? stunning"
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???