Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Just my second post... I read the person below me had to give up. What a pity. I just thought about being more active in here, and she gave up...

So, I got my internship started! Nothing really spectacular, putting books on shelves, doing some paperwork (only basic, luckly). I'll have to deal with children who come to the library during school break. It would be probably a pleasure, but I'm not of those children-lover so I'm a little bit afraid.

Some people asked me to write something about myself so here I go: I'm Justyna, usually called Aleksis by my friends due to my RPG character's name. I used to play a little bit as a primary school student (well, something similiar to the RPG, at least ;) we had no idea about dices and points but we created everything and killed demons, rescued princesses and stuff like that) and I did also few months ago, until my group split to two parts. Life is brutal.

I'm an university student, studing slavic philology. I really like it, dealing with Slavic languages and also a folclore and rest of the culture. I felt in love with Upper-Sorbian language, but I know only basics of it (had 15 lessons at the uni) and I need to learn more! The first language I learn is Croatian and the second is Russian. I'm thinking about learning Czech by myself too! :)

Okay, time's up, my mum's calling me.
To the next time.
Ask questions to make my introducion easier ;)

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  1. Hey Aleksis, I just noticed your post, I'm glad to see something that's not written by me here xD

    Cheers for your internship! And good luck with the kids xD I actually like brats, but I understand that they're not easy to deal with sometimes..

    Your studies seems pretty interesting, even if I've always though that Slavic languages are very difficult D: