Monday, 20 June 2011

It's summer time!!!

Czesc :D
I finally managed to log in!

I'm very, very happy today!!! I managed to pass the last exam at my university (well, last for the semester, at least) so from now on I have holiday, finally!
Well, I have to make an internship this year so there's still few paper work to do, but I'm very very happy. I didn't think I'll manage to pass all the 4 of them. If I didn't I would have to retake them in September (Polish holiday for university students are from July to September - the first day of the lecturers is 1st October) while I wanted to go somewhere that month ;)
I was dying from stress and my stomach still hurts, but I'm very, very happy. School kills. It definitelly does!

I'm still not very sure how can I spent those holiday. I usually just hang around and read many books, visit my dad in the UK and try to learn Japanese (though I still don't speak it almost at all). But how many holidays can be similiar! Come on! I'm sure this year I'm going to make something really cool! (I'll write what is it when I think of it)

Many thanks to Lima for letting me join this swap. I think it's really a great idea to share your thoughts in a blog!

I'd like to add a photo of the Baltic Sea :D (I live near it; photo made by me)


  1. Congratulations on passing your exams, and good luck with your internship! I remember the stress of university well, and I have to wonder why I desire to go back! ^.^ You must keep us posted with your summer activities! I would love to know what kinds of books you enjoy reading during the summer! Also, I love your photo. It looks like a very beautiful place to live close to!

  2. Wow congratulations! That must be such a huge relief for you...i might just have not gotten completely caught up yet but is this your first post? I'd love to learn more about what you've studied and where you come from! Sorry if you've already posted,. I need to go back and re-read them all and get caught up!

    Congrats again!


  3. Yeah, it's my first post, but not the last one!

  4. Cogratson your exams! i know when i was in collegei was always ready for summer break! can't wait to hear from you:)

  5. Congratulations for passing your exam. : )

    Wow, your photo is absolutely breath taking!

    By the way, it's nice to meet you!

  6. Yay we did it!! xD

    Hi Aleksis, nice to meet you!
    I know what it means to be free from exam, since I'm not at the moment D: I'm glad you passed all of them, enjoy your deserved vacation now!!

    And wow I love your photo, it's stunning!

  7. Hello Aleksis!!
    Nice to meet you :-)

    Your name sounds very familiar to me, i've seen you many times on postcrossing forum (i'm hkittygr there), but i can't remember, if we have ever swaped together.

    I really love the photo you posted, so beautiful. I love to watch sunsets, especially, when i'm in Corfu (it's the island i come from).

    Congratulations girl on passing all your exams!! I have also exams at university at the moment, i'll have my last on tuesday.