Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hi! I'm Anya (Mintea from Swap-bot!), and I'm a 20-year-old university student in Tokyo, Japan. I'm actually originally from Seoul, though I've also lived in Miami, Atlanta, Panama, and Singapore. I don't know what to answer to the 'where was the best place you lived?' question that I get often, though, because each place had its pros and cons and whether I liked a place or not has more to do with the quality of social life I had there more than anything to do with the country itself, haha.

The radiation fears in Japan are stressing me out these days! I'll probably die of stress before radiation effects me critically, haha. Since I can't use tap water, I'm currently cooking pasta and rice with Evian and Volvic @_@.

Japan does have nice cake though! They have a cake buffet (funnily enough, buffets here are called 'viking's here. Wiki says it's because the first buffet in Japan was from a restauraunt called 'Imperial Viking', but Japanese people have told me that it's because buffets type meals originated in viking ships, though that doesn't seem to be true) that everyone checks out at least once. However, TIP: don't try to stuff plates of cake in an empty stomach. You just want to throw up after a while! Our friends ended up spending a lot of time trying to dispose the cake (including dissolving it in drinks!) that we couldn't eat so we didn't have to pay the fine.

My friend and I eat dessert every Monday (it helps brighten the awful, awful Mondays!), and here's one from my latest trip:

Despite all the cake eating and stuff, I don't like sugar very much. I scape off all whipped cream from sweets and I don't like chocolate bars. I hate doughnuts. I like spicy food best, like Korean, Thai, Mexican, and Indian. Give me spices! I don't like a lot of Japanese food (especially because I hate seafood, although I like tuna and salmon sushi because they don't taste fishy) except for katsu curry don and Japanese ramen because they are aweesome.

That's pretty much it for today. I don't have a lot of hobbies besides digital drawing, writing, and reading fan fiction, but if I ever decide to show other people the first two (although mind, I am too good at procrastinating), I hope you guys will see it :D

And here's a photo of me with my friend, though it's not the one I have Monday desserts with, haha (I'm on the left):


  1. Hello Anya! Nice to meet you :-)

    You live in a great country, i like Japan VERY much and it's my dream to travel to Tokyo some day. It's my dream destination! Unluckily, it's too far from Europe.

    The desserts on the photo look delicious!! Especially the dessert with the strawberries on the top :-) I love to eat cakes as well, they are so jummy, i can't help it. hihi

  2. Hi Anya! Nice to meet you!
    Wow, you lived in a lot of different places. I moved a lot too before settling here in Reggio, but I moved around the region, so it's not that interesting xD

    Those cakes look yummy, it's a nice idea to go out once a week to have a weekly dose of sugar!
    How's the situation in Japan now by the way?

    I liked your intro, thanks for joining in :D
    Hope you won't mind if I take advantage of you to learn something more about Japan >:D (just kidding)

  3. Hi Anya!

    Wow you been in many places. I would love love to travel to Japan someday. I don't know much about Japan, Maybe You can teach me somethings? :)

  4. Hi Efi! :)

    Yeah, it is a bit far :( I really want to visit Europe because I've never been there before! I pretty much regret not going to Europe for study abroad.
    But yeah, definitely try to visit Japan if you ever have the time! You won't regret it.

    Yeah, I can't pass up desserts with strawberries! I'm going to try the chocolate cake with strawberries next time.

  5. Hi, Lima! Nice to meet you, too :)

    It is! The thought of cake makes me drag myself out of bed, even though I dread having to go to classes on Monday.

    Well, it's a bit complicated because what the Japanese media says and what the foreign media says are different and nobody knows who to trust, but for the most part, the Japanese people are getting on with their lives as usual as if there is no threat of radiation. I think the foreign media is overreacting to an extent, though (my Korean friend, for example, takes baths everyday with bottled mineral water because she doesn't trust the tap water! Talk about wasteful...it costs her about $62 or about 43 euros per day!), but I also think the Japanese government is withholding information.

    Shopping for food is a bit tricky, because now I've got to read the origin of food and avoid vegetables and fruit from the affected area, but sometimes they just label it as simply 'domestic', which they've rarely did before... Grocery shopping makes me stressed.

    Thank you for creating it!

    Haha, feel free to ask any questions about Japan!

  6. Hi Mindy :)!

    Sure! Anything you're curious about in particular?

  7. Hi Anya,

    Thanks for sharing some things about your life. I understand feeling stressed about little daily things, especially the essential things like eating and drinking water! I can' imagine that must be overwhelming when you just want to make some rice! I hope things get easier for you. I have always wanted to travel to Japan. My husband has been to Taiwan and China but not Japan. One day we will go. I look forward to learning more about your life and daily adventures!


  8. Hi Anya,

    Wow you get around all over the place, don't you?! lol When you lived in the states, did you move here alone or with your family?

    I've lived in 6 different states but never in other countries but I think it would be so interesting because I love seeing and living in new places.

    Many times I've prayed for the people in Japan, my heart broke for everyone there with the earthquake happening and then the tsunami and the radiation problems too. So, so sad!

    Those desserts look so good - sweets are definitely one of my big weaknesses!

    That is so interesting that the buffet is called viking's and also I find it interesting that you have to dispose of the extra so that you don't have to pay a fine. I'd never heard of that before!

    Besides liking sweet stuff, I also love spicy foods as well [as long as it is not meat ... because I don't eat any meat or seafood items at all.]

    I'm so happy to meet you, Anya and am glad that you're here. : )



  9. Hi Anya! I enjoyed your post! My thought are with you and Japan as they try to clean up the mess. I have to wonder how much of the media coverage I see here in the State exaggerates the situation, but regardless, it will take a long, long time to fix, no matter how bad it is! I just hope that not too many people have their health compromised because of it! =/

    I love that the buffet/viking you go to charges a fee if you waste food! I wish American buffets would learn that trick (although I think they might lose business if they did! =/)! I go with my husband and a friend of ours to an Asian buffet every Sunday night, and it makes me sad to see how many people waste food there. I always try not to get more than I can eat, because it breaks my heart to know that some people don't have enough food to eat, but here we are throwing good food away! *sigh*

    I hope to hear more from you soon on this little blog, as I am sure your posts will be interesting! =)

  10. Hi Anya!

    CAKE BUFFET! That sounds AMAZING. I loveeeee cake :D My boyfriend has a bit of a thing for Japan and Japanese culture- especially Sake and Iaido!

  11. Hi Becca!

    Yes, I get so lazy about cooking, but with this new stress added, I can barely make myself do it anymore! I try not to eat out, though, because it's expensive and you never know if the food came from affected areas... I know for example the McDonalds here uses food from the area near the nuclear plants...eek!

    Do come visit one day!

  12. Hi Debi!

    I lived with my family :) This is the first time I've lived alone, and while I like being able to do whatever I want without my parents knowing (my dad's a bit overbearing, since I'm his only daughter...he doesn't really care about my younger brother, haha), it's a bit annoying to take care of bills and housework by myself...I feel jealous of people who live with their parents now, haha. I think in the US most kids a lot of kids move out after high school, but in Korea and in Japan, it's pretty common for kids to stay with their parents until they get a job or get married, so most of my Japanese friends live with their parents.

    Wow, what states have you lived in?

    Yes, one disaster after another... It's recovering pretty fast though, thankfully.

    I didn't know it wasn't common elsewhere! I don't remember going to buffets that much when I was in the US, but I do remember there was a fine in another country I lived in...don't remember where, though, most likely Korea.

    I'm happy to meet you, too! And thank you for the comment!

  13. Hi Marian!

    I hope so! I have no doubt that the infrastructure will be fixed in a timely manner, but the effects of radiation will linger for about 50 years, I've heard... I'm not sure if I want to continue to work in Japan after graduation, really.

    I didn't know they didn't do that in other countries! Unfortunately, it's not in every buffet that they do it here, though (I went to a pizza buffet and a curry buffet, and they didn't have a fine)...I guess they do it with cake because it's a bit more expensive per piece. I also try to take only what I can eat because I hate wasting food, but sometimes I get a bit overzealous :/

    Thank you! :)

  14. Hi Ashe!

    Yes, it really is! :D I don't drink a lot of sake, but I loovvee the chu-hi (shochu mixed with carbonated water) here, which isn't very high in alcohol content at all, but it has nice flavors like strawberry and peach.

  15. Oh Anya, I know what you mean about being jealous of people who are still living with their parents, sometimes I sure wish I could go home again. But, both of my parents are gone, of course so guess I can't. lol

    The states I've lived in are ... Pennsylvania [this is where I live at now and was born and raised here]. Also I've lived in New York, Kansas, Arkansas, Virginia and Delaware. : )