Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hi Friends from Debi [Jennelle]

Hi Everybody ... my name is Debi and I'm so excited to be here!

[My user name on Swap-Bot is Jennelle, which is my middle name, thought I'd mention that so as not to confuse anyone.]

You'll have to forgive me as I'm probably not the best at writing an intro but will do the best I can at it.   : )


This is me 

Okay, here goes ... I'm 55 years old [Ouch - it still hurts to admit to it.  ha!  ha!] and I'm a Christian.

I have two kids who are both grown and on their own and also have 7 grandkids as well.  

At home, it is just myself and my fur-baby and her name is Kyla ... she'll be a year old in July and is just a bit spoiled.   lol

This is Kyla 

My kids names are Jason and Keesha.   Jason is 35 and Keesha just turned 34 the end of May.  

Jason and Keesha

My grandkids range from 17 years old, down to two year old and of course, they're all special to me!   

Some of the things I'm interested in are:

Scrapbooking ... well, actually for right now, there is a new fad out [actually it's probably not so new, come to think of it but I'm fascinated with it anyways!]

It's called a Smash Book.   If you'd like to see what one is, here's a link for ya.   Smash Books

Other interests I have are reading on my Kindle [I can't tell you how much I love it  ... it is so convenient to have and I mean, how else could you carry 1500 books with you at one time if you wanted to?   lol

I make my own postcards and send many of them to people in nursing homes, just to let them know that someone is thinking about them.   It's a small thing to do but I think it probably helps to make their day a little nicer.   I hope it does anyways!

Other interests ... I make crosses out of plastic canvas and give them away.    As of this time, I've had over 350 of them be taken to Equador to orphanages.   

Also have had many I've given to Operation Christmas Child to be put into shoe boxes and taken to children in other countries and some will be going to Africa this month, with a missionary.    

This summer, I'm working on and hope to finish 75 of them if not more, to be sent to our US Troops.    

I've got to keep busy and to always being doing something, that's why when I go somewhere, it looks like I'm moving.   Ha!  ha!  

Another thing that I love is learning about other countries and hope to do some swaps later about this ... maybe even one on one swaps with people writing long letters about their country [or even visit] to countries that I'm really interested in learning more about.

Wow ... I bet by now I've probably put you all half-way to sleep with my rambling on, huh?!    : )

Later on I'll share more pictures and  stuff but for now, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm heading to bed.  

Have a nice Sunday everyone ... can't wait to read all of your intros [letters].  



Before I go, here's a smile for ya ... 


  1. Hi Debi! :D Nice to meet you and thanks for being so fast with your post xD
    Aaah your furball is so cute, I love cats and at the moment I'm trying to persuading my mum to take one home. She doesn't like cats and I don't know how is it even possible!! >_> How can you hate those little muzzles :3 ?!?!

    Wow that smash book link you put up there is awesome! I'm really bad at paper crafting and I hate myself cause it's a very fascinating form of art but I just can't do that D:
    Maybe you'd give me some advice to start?

  2. Hello Debi! Nice to meet you :-)

    It was so interesting to read about you and your life!
    You are so crafty, i adore you! I've never tried to make scrapbooking or smash books, but i'm sure it's fun. I also like to do several crafts, like yewelry from polymer clay or making envelopes, cards etc.

    Your cat is SO cute!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats!! 4 more months and i'll have my own cat, i'm so excited! :-)

    It is so nice from you, that you make crosses and give them away. I hope you will finish all the 75 crosses you want to make this summer.


  3. Hi Debi,
    Glad to meet you.
    I too tried scrapbooking but all I did was end up it tears! I much rather make cards.

    I just love you kitty, she is so cute and her coloring is beutiful.

  4. Hi Debi!

    I'm so jealous of your Kindle! I don't read as much as I used to anymore...what's your favorite book that you've read recently?

    I wish I was crafty as you! I really like crafting and doing art, but I give up too easily! I buy all the material and after tinkering with it for a bit, it goes in the closet :(

  5. Nice to meet you Debi :) you are such a kind and caring person. I'm glad to know you. The men and women at the retirement home must adore getting a hand written note from you. It's small gestures like that, that make this world such an amazing place to live. No matter who we are and where we come from we are one giant community. And your altruisms runs deep in creating more peace out there. What beautiful acts of love and kindness! Thanks for inspiring me in all that you do!

    Becca (BPositive)

  6. @Lima You mentioned that you would like advice on paper crafts and that you aren't very good at it, BUT ... that is what is so great about the SmashBook - you can't go wrong with how you do it, you just write, doodle, put pictures in it, all kinds of things and just either glue them in or use sticky tape and just do it how YOU like it. : )

    I got my two journals today to use for SmashBooks but haven't had time to start working on them yet.

    For me, getting started is the hardest part ... once I get it started, then I have no problems.

    @Efi I can't wait until you do get your cat and are able to show us a picture of it. I can tell you that my life is much nicer with having mine. : )

    Sometime if you want to, I'd love it if you took a picture of the jewelry you make, I bet it's beautiful!

    @Mindy I have never made a card before, with paper anyways - the ones I make, I do on the computer.

    What I do is to make them the size of a 4 x 6 inch picture, then upload them to Walmart website and have them made as pictures and then when I get them, I use those little sticky squares that are double sided tape and I put an index card on the back and voila! ... it's a postcard. : )

    @Anya I do love my Kindle and in the past 3 months, I think that is how long I've had it ... anyways, I've read 11 or 12 books.

    Years ago [before the internet!], I used to read ALL of the time but then once I got online, I didn't read much anymore.

    The best book that I've read lately is "Gone With the Wind" .. I loved it! There is a movie about it but I've never seen it but now I've read the book, I really do want to watch it.

    @Becca Thank you so much for the kind words and I am so happy to know that I inspire someone.

    Sometimes when I tell people that I do those things, I get to thinking that I hope they don't think I am bragging because I'm not.

    I do want to inspire others and for them to realize that it doesn't take a lot to make a difference in someone's life, ya know? Many people think they don't have time for it but it doesn't take 'that' much time if they'd only realize that.

  7. Debbie, that's the same for me too! I read before I was introduced to the Internet... I used to love spending days going to the Borders next to my house and read.

    I've been meaning to read that because it's such a classic, but I find it hard to just sit down and start a book these days... I should really work on that!

  8. Hi Debi!

    Kyla is so cute! Scrapbooking is loads of fun, but some of the stuff is really expensive, so I don't do it very often.

  9. Hi Debi! I'm so excited to meet you! You seem like such a wonderful person!

    I love the smash book link you posted! It's very similar to something I've recently gotten into - art journaling! Although, with art journaling, it isn't just paper crafts; mostly mixed media stuff. I do lots of sketching and painting and compliment with papercrafting. ^.^

    I would really love to get into scrapbooking, I just can't afford it right now. I have tons and tons of pictures that I really want to put into creative books and display on my coffee table for people to look through when they come over! Especially the pictures from the 1940s (and some that are older!) that were my father's.

    See, although I am just 22 (23 in August), I was born very late in my dad's life. He passed away last year at the old age of 85. =) That's why I love love love that you make and send postcards to people at nursing homes. I took care of my dad when he wasn't in the hospital (he had cancer), so the only time he spent in a nursing home was for a brief temporary stay while he did rehab. I visited him daily and always felt so bad for the other people there. My dad hated living there; it really scared him, so we got him out as fast as we could! Ever since then I have been trying to find something I could make and send to other patients there to cheer them up. So many people go into a nursing home and their families never visit, or they don't have a family, and it just makes me so sad. =( I am glad there are people like you who care! Do you know the people you send the postcards to personally, or did you get a list of names and addresses somewhere?

    I always carry a lot of stuff with me, too. ^.^ I always have some sort of crafting project, usually a journal, and at least one book with me whenever I leave the house. ^.^ I don't own Kindle and don't plan on buying one for the time being. ^.^ I don't mind people who do, they just aren't for me! I love the smell of real books, and my eyes get so tired of reading a screen after a while. Plus, I know in five years, something new will come out and I will have to buy all the books again to match the new format! If they weren't so expensive, I would consider getting one for back-up purposes in case I had a house fire and lost all my books (we have thousands), but I would still only do that if it could scan bar codes and give me digital copies of the books I already own for free - I've already bought them; I don't want to buy them again! ^.^ Besides, I love being able to go to the used bookstore and get copies for super cheap - you can't buy digital copies used! ^.^ I think they're wonderful inventions and it's great that they save trees, but for now I'm still stuck on my hard copies.

    Can't wait to learn more about you!

  10. Hi Marian,

    I've heard of art journaling but don't think it's for me 'cuz I am so not creative. lol Wish I was though. : )

    As for scrapbooking, I haven't done it in awhile ... I tend to take forever and a day to make a page because I want it to be "just perfect" which is why I love the concept of the smash books. It's more my speed. ha! ha!

    With the Kindle, I have friends who feel the same way as you, they would rather stick to their books that they can feel in their hands and I totally understand that. It makes more sense especially if the power were to go out. lol

    The way i get names and addresses for the nursing home residents is that where I live at now is a hi-rise building for seniors and those who are on disability or over 50 years old.

    So many of them over the years have had to go to the nursing homes and I try to send cards to them. Occasionally I'll hear of someone up there from one of them and will send the person a card.

    The sad thing, though I send cards - what I 'should' be doing is to go up and visit with them. It's just a bus ride away and there is no reason I can't do it ... I just procrastinate too much I guess. : (