Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hello hello hello!

On Swapbot I am Pookiepooka and this is a few things about me.....

I live in the UK in Devon but was born in London.

I write under a pen name.  I have had a few online publications as well as a few comedy scripts.  Some having been made into animations.  I originally trained in performing arts wanting to act but lost my love for the stage along the way and after a brief stint as a performance artist, decide to get into writing.

I do a lot of crafty stuff but still class myself as a beginner.  I love to cook and have a sweet tooth.

I live with my Father as I am now his carer.  My Mother passed away in April this year.  I also have a dog who likes the sound of his own voice.

I like to keep fit but am still a curvy girl.  I used to be a very big girl indeed so this is nothing.  I could probably get down to a UK size 10 but that would mean giving up all the bad food I love.

I can be extremely girlie and at the same time, tend to get on with guys better as they geek out with me more and get my evil sense of humour.

I am currently learning Japanese as I intend one day to visit Japan which is my dream holiday.  It's hard to learn but I will get there.

I am Christmas mad and known as the Christmas Kween by most who know me.

I am a winter person and love rain and the cold.  I hate summer and get very depressed.

I am very intro kitsch and retro design and love old toys and TV shows.

I love music and can be a real music geek.  I like anything from Electro to rock to disco to classical.  Playing music however escapes me.  I have tried to learn but have been begged to stop!

I can be a proper airhead sometimes and get really confused.  I am very clumsy.

I hate having my photo taken so I avoid cameras and I hate to discuss my age as I was raised to believe it's rude.  All I will say is I am an 80s child.

My main philosophy in life is to always be a child.  When we stop playing, we lose our creativity.

Yes, the pic is drawing of myself by a friend :)

Hope to speak to you all soon X


  1. Hi there girl, nice to meet you!
    Love for cooking and sweet tooth this'd mean that you cook a lot of junk-ish food >:D I like that!!

    Aaah Japan is a fascinating country, isn't it? I'd like to learn the language too. A couple of friends of mine study it but they don't share. Are you learning it on your own or with classes?

    And I totally aree with your philosophy. For this reason I'd like to suggest you an italian movie, that's one of m favourite: "Amici miei"

  2. Hi, Nice to meet you I think it's awesome that you are learning Japanese. I think it's a very cool culture and Language.

  3. Hello!! Nice to meet you :-)

    I totally agree with your main philosophy in life, i'm also a kid at heart.

    That's so great, that you are learning Japanese. But i can imagine, that it's a hard to learn language, because it has it's own letters.

    I also love christmas very much, it's my favourite season of the year!

  4. Hi! It's so cool learning all the ins and outs of people even though we're not face to face. I think you've got an interesting point about age and pictures. To know each other is not to know ones age or even ones face. I often struggle when people want to know what I do for a living. Bleh! That's not who I am! I'm glad to being getting to know who you are. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. May I ask if you were close? Do you enjoy living with your father now? I can't wait to hear more about your writing and projects. I'm also a crafted and a writer. I hope to be published soon. Thanks for sharing!!

    Becca (Springknitter on swap-bot and BPositive on blogger)

  5. Hi ... it's nice to meet you [though I'm not sure what to call you ... do we call you Pookie?] ;)

    Anyways, how cool it is that you grew up in London, it is one place that I would have loved to have taken a trip to!

    I've always wanted to write and this year I plan to participate in NanoWriMo in November [if you haven't heard of it, just google NanoWriMo and you'll come up with lots of links.]

    Though I don't really like to cook all that much, I do share your sweet tooth ... my favorites are chocolate and cheesecake. Mmmm!

    Honey, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and know that it's hard. (Hugs)

    That is funny about your dog liking the sound of his own voice, my cat seems to love the sound of hers as well and at times she gets on my nerves when she won't be quiet. lol

    As far as the seasons go, I can't say that I'm a winter person because I hate the cold but am also not a fan of really hot weather. I always say that like Baby Bear in the Goldilocks story, I like it 'just right.' : )

    You hate to talk of your age but it is me who feels really old here ... I'm old enough to be everyone here's mom and almost old enough to be everyone's grandma. ha! ha!



  6. 初めまして!
    How long have you been learning Japanese? I've taken it since I arrived in Japan (a year and few months ago), but I fear I've hit a stagnant point :(

    And @ Debi: I've been meaning to participate in NanoWriMo since 2005? But I could never pull through :( Maybe this year I'll finish...

  7. Hi! We have lots in common (and also are opposite on several things!), so I look forward to learning more about you!

    I know what you mean about curves! Even at my smallest, I still wouldn't consider myself "skinny" in the typical sense. My body just wasn't built that way! But I love it, I really do. ^.^ Having curves is so much fun!

    I'm not a fan of cold weather! I like it for a week or two, especially if I have a warm fireplace to curl up in front of, but I get tired of it quickly and want to be outside basking in the sun! I love the summer and was raised in east Texas, so the heat doesn't bother me. ^.^

    I also love kitsch and retro things, and my house reflects that! I like the things I surround myself with to have character.

    I look forward to hearing more from you!

  8. Hello!

    Everyone seems to love Japanese things here hehe!

    I too am a Winter person. I HATE the heat, and it makes me cranky.