Monday, 13 June 2011

Greetings from Ohio.............

Hi ya all, My name is Mindy (aka bugsandbells, aka single country gal). Nice to meet you all, I'm really looking forward to this swap! I think that its going to be cool to be able to pen pal not to one of you but all of you. OK now for alittle about myself and my life.I have to warn you though I'm not to great about talking about myself, but here I go.

I'm single and I just turned 35 this year. I live in a mid size town in North central Ohio called Mansfield. I have lived here all my life.I live alone in a one bedroom apt with my 3 year old male Maine Coon cat , whose name is Shadow. Shadow is  my Fur baby and is like my child as I have no human children of my own.

My parents are still married and also live in Mansfield, as well as my sister and her family. I have 2 nieces ages 8 and 22 months and a nephew who is due at the end of august.

I went to the Ohio State University and have my bachelors degree in elementary education, Although I am not working to my disability, I have Cerebral Palsy. I would love to get back into the classroom but at this time that's not possible.

So, I keep myself busy by cooking,gardening, crafting and reading,( I just love books) and my new love blogging. I have a blog and its if any of you would like to check it out. I do alot of book reviews and product reviews and I have some giveaways and stuff coming up soon.

My favorite colors are orange, purple, pink( not barbie pink) and brown. I collect cats, dragonflies and owls.
if you find a cat that looks like Shadow let me know I have been looking for one and can't find one. Well I think that's about it. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about myself. Have a great day ladies!




  1. Nice to meet you Mindy :D
    What kind of books do you like?

  2. Hi, Mindy! Shadow is beautiful cat! I will keep an eye out for one that looks like him. Perhaps you can share a crafting project or some of your favorite recipes with us sometime!

  3. Hello Mindy :-) Nice to meet you girl!

    I also like cooking, gardening and crafting. What are your favourite plants/flowers?

    Your fur baby looks so beautiful!! Cats are my favourite animals, i love them!! If i see a cat, that looks like Shadow(what a great name!) i'll let you know! I'm also looking for a cat, because i want to adopt one in 4 months, when i go back to Germany.

  4. @ Lima, I love to read all kinds of books, I do like Ya, histrocal fiction though.

    @ Marian, I be happy too, I love sharing Recipes and such.

    @ Efi, I love all flowers, but I do love lilies!

  5. Hi Mindy!

    I looove Maine Coons! I've seen them get pretty big; how big is Shadow?

  6. Hi Mindy,

    Hey, I guess we are the closest geographically than everyone else. I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, if you've heard of Erie, I live about 45 miles south of there.

    I checked your blog out and had to laugh about you dropping your cell phone in the toilet [my daughter did the exact same thing a few years ago. lol] Is that the same as having dropped a call? ha! ha! [Lame joke, I know.] : )

    Trust me, I know about Shadow being your "fur baby" because Kyla is like that too me. I'll have to post a couple of pictures later but believe it or not, she even rides in a stroller and loves it! AND, I'm not talking for a few minutes, she'll stay in it for at least an hour without trying to get out. : )

    That's great that you got your education to be a teacher, I hope that one day you'll be able to get back to doing it!

    I have blogged for years at different sites but haven't really posted much lately. I blogged at Xanga for many years but then decided to try Blogger and I like it much better here!

    Not sure this will help with finding a cat like Shadow but have you tried looking online at ? They have tons of cats there and you can search by the breed of cat if you want to.



  7. Hi Mindy!

    Do you enjoy living in Mansfield, OH? I really love Ohio. My husband and I, in our travels, camped in Zanesville in this tiny little camp ground on the Muskingum River. It was such a tiny little campground but we had such an amazing experience there with the nicest camp ground hosts around! I love the indistrial nature of parts of Ohio. It's a combination of farm land and rail road tracks in my head!

    Is it hard for you not to be working right now? You must love working with children with your degree. Is it hard for you to talk about your cerebral Palsy? I have worked with a lot of people with CP in all sorts of stages and severities. I'm so glad that you find comfort and passion in blogging. Isn't the blogging world just incredible? What an outlet!! I wrote to Marian about putting up some pictures of the things we knit. Perhaps we should put up some pictures of art and crafty things we make as well? I'll see if I can add a photo gallery and we can all start uploading!

    I have a blog called BPositive. BFree. It's sort a fun and uplifting blog where I just talk about this journey of life :) it's at: if you want to check it out.

    Great to meet you!!! Can't wait to keep all these fun posts and comments going!

  8. @ Debi, Oh Yea shadow is definetily a baby , he is also the king iof the house LoL. He sits next to me while I blog or write reviews for my blog and goodreads and such. I went on vacation last year and missed him terriblely, I did think about taking him with us but my sister is allgrelic to cats, so I couldn't take him to the condo with us. Alothough he hates to be in cars so he would have probably drove us all crazy! LOL

    I do wish I could get back to teaching i really miss the classroom.

    I do miss the classroom and I would like to get back there someday.
    I have no problems talking about my CP and I welcome all questions. I think that people are afraid of the unknown. So whatever I can do to help ease ones mind I will.


  9. Oh yea I kinda confused you all sorry I didn't mean I wanted a another live cat that look likme Shadow, but a furgine or picture that looked like him. I would love to find someone who could draw him from a picture if I could.

  10. lol @ you, Mindy ... I thought you meant a live cat. Too funny!

    Should I ever see a figurine or pic, I'll let you know.

    Shadow sounds like Kyla, "they" are the ones who own the place and just let us live there. ha! ha!

    My friend who lives up on the 7th floor here has a cat named Shadow too and he [or she?] is HUGE, I think Dolly told me that her Shadow is between 15 and 20 pounds. Wow, it's a hefty one, for sure!

  11. Hello Mindy!

    Shadow looks EXACTLY like my Demon! They even have the same colour eyes!