Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do ya think she's spoiled? lol

 Kyla in her stroller

Believe it or not, she loves it!

I live in a really small apartment in a hi-rise building and so like to go out in the park which is right on the other side of the parking lot, to get fresh air and I like to take Kyla out with me.

When I first started taking her out, I was carrying her and holding her the whole time we were out there,

But then I decided to get a pet stroller and found that they cost close to $100.00.  Ouch, too much!

So, I found the stroller above for 20 dollars at Walmart and it's perfect and she loves riding in it!    

I've had her in it for over an hour before and she hasn't fought to get out of it or anything, she just relaxes and takes in everything around her.

Today while out in the park, I let her out of it but had her harness and leash on her and she played in the grass, rolled in the dirt and stalked birds that were near-by [she couldn't reach them or anything!] .. we stayed out for almost 2 hours!

Just thought I'd share the pictures with ya.   I know, not that many people buy a baby stroller for their cats but I'm sure that they already think of me as the crazy cat lady anyways.  ha!  ha!  

This is what I caught her doing a few days ago ... bad kitty!  lol


  1. Oh Debi
    Thats so cute! I really don't think I could get Shadow to stay in a stroller, I did try I harness on him though and he wouldn't move. He acted as though he had a 50 pound weight on his back LOL.

    I would like to try it again do you have any tips?

    Oh yea I know right where you live about 4 hours from me.


  2. So so cute! Thanks for sharing! I love images. It makes me feel more connected to people. Keep em coming!

  3. Mindy, 4 hours isn't very far of a trip at all [except if you don't have a vehicle like I don't. lol]

    Becca ... don't worry, I'll keep on sharing [I have a camera and I'm not afraid to use it. ha! ha!]

    By the way girls, I just went back and added a new picture to this post by the ones of her in her stroller.

    I couldn't figure out what she was doing at first but then a few days later, it dawned on me ... she was drinking out of the toilet. Ick! lol

  4. Almost forgot .. Mindy, I really don't have any tips about a harness and how to make it work with a cat, I think that it really all depends on the cat.

    Now, my last cat - there is NO way that she would have ever accepted it at all but with Kyla, she doesn't seem to mind.

    I always say that with Ky, God gave me just the perfect cat for me. : )

  5. This is oddly cute xD It actually surprises me that she's the one who wants to do it. She's adorable ^_^

    But I've seen people doing terrible things to their cats. Like, when I was younger I had a neighbour that forced her cat on a trycicle and the poor thing struggled no end to escape D:

  6. Too cute! It's awesome that she enjoys her rides to the park, and it's awesome of you to take her for some fresh air! My husband found a free broken bike cart last weekend (the kind that people hook up to their bikes and small children ride in). We've been wanting one for the dogs for a while now, as they enjoy going on bike rides, but Jason rides 12+ miles at a time, so they can't make it quite that far. ^.^ He's going to fix it up so the dogs can ride with him!

  7. Ah! That stroller is SO cute! I love Belle :) Kyla is a gorgeous little lady!

  8. Thanks Ashe, I think so too. : )

    Lima, I never thought she's actually "want" to stay in it either but sure am glad that she does.

    Yesterday I got Advantage for Kyla [flea treatment that is good for one month] and now I let her out of the stroller and in the grass.

    It's great because she's been eating the grass [I had always heard that if they eat grass, they have an upset stomach but she eats it every time we go out so I think she likes it. lol]

    Also she's been rolling in the dirt, trying to catch ants and stalking birds like she's hunting. It makes me happy that I can take her out and I don't feel so guilty that I have her living here in a small apartment like we have.

  9. Marian,

    That is cool that your husband will be able to fix the cart up for the dogs. Would love to see a picture when it's done and with the dogs in it. : )