Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ciao gente!

My turn now!! >:3
Nice to meet you all, my name is Elisa (Lima or Giuggi are my nicknames) I’m 22 years old ( is the 13th October). I live in Reggio Emilia, that's in northern Italy (close to Bologna) but I was born in Torre del Greco (close to Naples = Napoli) that's in the south.. all this to say that my family is spread all over the country! I live in Reggio with my mum. My older brother instead works and lives in Milano and my dad in Torre with the rest of my family. We see them just during week ends.

I study marketing at the business college. I still have to understand how I got there, but when I'm not sulking about how I hate some subjects it's pretty interesting.
I'd love to get a creative job even if I'm not sure what I'd like to do exactly.

I don't like to make plans in my life, just recently I got a planner and I write down short term projects only. I'm pretty messy and the space in which I live it's a clear proof of it. And I think that the mess that I create outside missors nicely the one I've in my head. In a good sense.. I hope.

I love music, cinema, photography and crafting.
I strum the bass from time to time and listen to all kind of music, from jazz to indie to japanese rock and whatever fits my mood best.
I'm a lame photographer (you can see it by yourself >> here << ) and I'd like to take some serious classes after graduation to improve my techniques. I think I can stop the time with photography that's a concept that really intrigues me.. probably because I've a very bad memory!
I like books and cinema too. Cinema is way more invasive than books.. on an imagination level I mean but I like them both, whatever kind is ok, apart from sappy romantic comedy.

I also like to sew a lot. It relaxes me. Seeing something that takes form under my hand is very satisfying. In the end I realize just 1/100 of the projects I'd like to make but oh well..

I'm a big fan of the Asian world. I'm very fascinated by its culture and the more I learn the more I notice how few things I actually know.
I like Japanese fashion magazines which give me an incredible amount of inspiration for my crafts. I also used to read/watch a lot of manga/anime and drama and I like visual kei. A lot.

Let's see what else.. hum.. I like junk food and make improbable new combination with it every time I can. I love animals (especially kitties and felines in general, even if I've a soft spot for elephants and monkeys) . I'm quite a nerd, I spend a lot of time at my pc and I like few TV series.
I like to travel very much! I've been to Berlin, Santorini, Prague and Paris and I'd love to visit London next. Hopefully I'll find myself a job once I finish the exams, to save some money.

I really am a tomboy. I'm not rude or anything, I just don't like the whiny side that the majority of women seems to have. I still like clothes and shopping though and lately I got this need to renew my look in a very personal way.. I'm asking some help to whoever has advices out there, cause I still don't have a clue where to begin xD

Ok, enough for today, hope it wasn't too boring!


  1. Hi Lima,

    first of all thanks for setting up this swap! I'm so excited about this.

    I would love to travel to Italy, it seems so rich in culture.

    I wish I knew how to sew, your so lucky I would love to know how.

  2. Hi Lima! I checked out your sewing projects and have to say that I love them! They are all so cute! I also feel the need to reinvent my look, although mine comes every few years. =) I like to sew my own clothes so that my style is one-of-a-kind and unique. =)

  3. Hello Lima!! :-)

    I've visited your country many times, i went 3 times to Venezia! What a nice city! I'll spend there my honeymoon, hihi. And i want to visit Rome and Milano some day.
    I have in my near future plans to start learning italian, for me italian is the most beautiful language!

    Your sewing projects look so nice, i especially liked the pink elephant, so cute :-)

    I don't think you're a lame photographer, but a good one! You took very beautiful pictures!!

  4. Hi, Lima :)

    My birthday is in October, too. Mine's on the 7th, which means I share a birthday with Vladimir Putin and Simon Cowell, which isn't an entirely pleasant thought XD

    I really want to visit Italy! My dad almost took a job in Milano, but he passed up to work in Africa because he said, "Too many tourists in Milano, therefore too much work." He works in the embassy, so too many tourists does equal more stress for him, but still! Milano! I still anguish over his decision, haha, although Africa is cool, too.

  5. I'm so happy to meet you, Lima and again, thank you for starting this swap, I love it!

    Thanks so sharing the map, it really help as I am geographically challenged so this helped with you showing the picture of your country. : )

    As for making plans for your life, I try to do that but don't always remember to. It is helpful to me though to make them because I forget what I need to do sometimes if I don't have a reminder. lol

    What do you mean that you are a lame photographer? The pictures you took are wonderful ... I tried to pick a favorite and it was hard but I do love the first one there on your page but love them all!

    You also do really good with your sewing, reconstructing the pajamas into a skirt, how creative!

    I only sewed when I was in high school [which was like 36 years ago! lol]

    Recently I bought some small squares of fabric for quilting and so far have sewn 4 little squares together and haven't done any since [I sewed them by hand.]

    Sorry I have no advice about fashion for you, I don't have much of a sense of fashion even for myself. ha! ha!



  6. Hey Lima,

    This swap completely rocks. So do you! Sounds like you've traveled to some really cool places. How did you enjoy Prague? Prague is one of my favorite cities in the world. London is awesome, you will enjoy that very much! And you should go see BudaPest too! Do you think you will look for a job in business/marketing? I majored in psychology and since then have done nothing but run in the opposite direction of any job related to that field lol. I think life takes us where we're supposed to go eve if it's not what we studied. I know you'll end up where you're supposed to be. Would love to see some of your sewing creations! I knit but have never learned how to use a sewing machine. Just some simple needle and thread stuff. I'll start an album where we can upload our projects!

  7. I'm learning things here already, for example [and don't be laughing at me! lol], I had no idea where Prague was at until I just did a search on it.

    How embarrassing! I'm much older but you all seem so well traveled and I have to look up to see where a country or city is at. ; ) lol

    That's okay because I can tell already that I'm gonna learn a lot from being here!

  8. Hi Elisa!

    My boyfriend too is a big fan of the Asian world, especially Japan and Japanese culture.

    You should travel to New Zealand someday :) It really is beautiful here.

  9. @ Mindy: you're very welcome, thanks to you for joining ^_^ If you want some info about Italy feel free to ask!

    @ Marian: Thank you, I'm glad you liked my projects! Do you publish yours? I'd like to see them!

    @ Efi: Venezia is a very fascinating city, isn't it? I think it's such a romantic place for a honeymoon, great choice! Roma is very beautiful too, I don't like Milano instead, I think it's too gloomy xD
    Tell me whenever you'll come back to Italy, ok?

    Thanks, the pink elephant was a gift I made and my friend loved it, I was so proud!

    @ Anya: Lol, nope, definitely not the best people to share your with xD I'm born the same day as Satoshi instead (Girugamesh's vocalist) :D

    Really? Well he's right, Milano is so full of tourists. I'm partisan actually, as I said to Efi I don't like it, it's very gloomy and grey, but I understand that you have to see it once in your life xD

    @ Debi: Lol you're welcome, I understand that it'd be confusing, since Reggio is a small city.
    (it's ok if you didn't know where Prague is, I don't know myself where to locate the cities in the USA xD You searched for it and this is what matters!)

    Aww thanks, I'm glad you like my photos, I'm never sure about the quality of my "work", so thanks!

    @ Becca: ahah thank you! I did enjoy Prague a lot! I think it's one of my favourite cities so far. Can't wait to go to London, really! Oh my bro went to Budapest this winter and he liked it very much too.

    I don't know, it's just a summer job, so I think I'll look for something simple, just to earn some money. I'd like to work with kids though :D
    I know, right? You never know what life has in store for you.

    I'd like to upload some of my projects in our page, as soon as I can!

    @ Ashe: New Zeland sounds like a big trip to do xD but I'd like to visit it!