Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ashe / tenblackr0ses - Moi!

You can call me Ashe.

I live without limits as an uncaged bird in human form. To die is to live again, for there is no life without death, and no death without life. Photography and writing are the means by which I bring to life my appreciation and wonder of the world we live in. I view my life as a constantly evolving, all-encompassing work of art, and this work of art has become the most beautiful mosaic I have ever created.

I also hold a special place in my heart for moonlight, the hours before dawn, silence, storms, literature, meaningful music, late nights, and walking in torrential downpour.

Oh, and I'm a level-headed anarchist armed with words, brainpower, and a personal philosophy of non-violence. Pleasure to meet you.


  1. Hi Ashe,

    Just wanted to welcome you!

    I'd like to hear about your family if you'd like to share about them with us. : )



  2. Hi Ashe. I'm Becca. I appreciate your philosophy of non-violence. Would love to talk more about that. I blog about non-violence and living in a world where we learn about the things we don't undestand instead of living in fear and nudging what we don't know. It's nice to meet you!


  3. Judging* (damn iPhone autocorrect!)

  4. @Becca lol I know what you mean about the auto correcting. I have free texting set up on mine and it does the same thing.

    Sometimes it's nice like when I'm in a hurry, it'll correct for me but other times, darn it, I KNOW what I'm trying to spell and yet it insists I'm wrong. ha!

  5. Hello Ashe! You seem like a very interesting person! I would love to know more about you! You write very poetically. =) And I agree with you about the hours before dawn. I love going outside to someplace quite early in the morning and listening to the world wake up as the sky slowly lightens!

  6. A promising intro!
    Thanks for joining girl, can't wait to read more from you!

  7. Nice to meet you, Yes Shadow does look like your kitty as I got pictures in another swap.
    they are overseas cousins LOL!

  8. Hello, Ashe!

    I also love meaningful music. What are your favorite bands?

  9. Hello Ashe!!
    Pleasure to meet you too!

    You write very poetically!! I'm very interested to read more about you and you life.