Tuesday, 21 June 2011


First I must apologise.  For some reason, Blogger is not letting leave comments.  Perhaps the creators have already heard of my genius foot-in-mouth moments and have installed a program designed to stop me from asking why does your Mum have a beard when it turns out it is a pic of the monkey you saw at the zoo.

Japanese is really hard.  I have been using earworms to learn as I thought the idea of having it to music would be the best way.  Do not listen to this when you are out in public as you can find yourself rapping the Japanese to "I'll have a tea please" in the lift at Marks and Spencers (UK Department store).

I am currently writing a book.  An adult comic fairy tale if you like.  I mean more suited to grown ups, not whips and chains.  You think being a writer is glam.  It's not.  I spend my time shouting at Windows 7, drinking tea, and self censoring.  Being dyslexic, it's not always easy and I always make mistakes but I just have to keep checking and rechecking.

It's interesting to see all you crafters and how similar many of you are which is great.  Lots of lovely locations by the looks of things (Tokyo - Drool).  I have been looking through and been oohing and ahhing to the point the dog is looking at me like I'm bonkers.  This is a dog that as not worked out it's not another dog in the mirror.

Today has been Litha (Midsummer) in the Wicca calendar.  I am a bit of a White witch.  I don't tend to strictly follow any faith but like to lean towards things that appeal to me.  I spent today out in the summer sunshine gaining freckles and leaping over cowpats.  I hope you have all been enjoying the sun and the long days.  I like to see all the woodland animals, especially squirrels which I get very giddy over. 

I am really looking forward to reading more on here :o)


  1. Hi, it's nice to meet you! I had to laugh when you mentioned about rapping in Japanese, that is too funny. : )

    Good luck with learning the Japanese language. I would love to learn a new language sometime - I did take french in high school but that was a long, loooong time ago. lol


  2. Lol, I love the drawings you post!

    Probably I asked this already (sorry, my short-term memory sucks, really) but are you learning Japanese on your own? Oh and what artists do you listen to?

    Good luck with your book! If you published something on the net I'd like to read it, if you want to share :D