Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm back!

Hey girls!! How's everyone? What about your vacation, have you done something fun?
I wanted to update once I came back from the sea, but my exams kinda got in the way D:
Anyway.. Hope your "after summer breaks" went smoothly!

Just wanted to share the latest "news" (hope you don't mind if I paste something from my blog xD )

"..mum is very busy with work lately and she enthrusted me the cooking duty.
After the first few days, cooking the same stuff, I decided to upgrade a bit! I began to check cooking sites for ideas and recipes and since now I tried a fair number of new, different recipes.
I'm quite proud of my work, even if it's not too elaborated stuff I like making it (and eating it most of all!). I found it unbelievably relaxing. Mixing the ingredients, sniffing all the nice smells, listening to the pots' bubbling.. this winter I bet I'll enjoy the warmth of the kitchen too (now it's still too hot to appreciate it).
Since I like asian cooking I made myself some maki!

They're vegetarian, I put inside carrots, cucumbers and an omelette! Yummy!
I also made some yakisoba! I forgot to take a picture though, they're very tasty I think I'll cook them again very soon!

Few days ago I proposed to a fiend to go to the park to make a little pic nic.. with a twist!! Since she likes asain food as much as I do I asked her if it was ok to eat instant ramen and buy some ravioli to the chinese take away nearby. She accepted gladly the idea so we did it!!
These are our location and our lunch!

The same day I had the first volley training of the year.. ravioli and jumping don't go along very well, believe me! I survived though and it was worth it after all.

..I'd like to share my recent pins on pinterest. I found so much inspiring stuff I can't help but make pins on pins. I need to go back to crafting soon!"

Aaaand in July I finally finished every pieces of a commission a friend made:

and I'm so proud to say that one of my tutorials >> got featured << on "one pretty thing" Yay :D !!
That's all for now. I really hope to read more from you girls C:

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sorry it's been forever!

Hi friends,

I'm glad this blog is here because every time I go into my own blog, I find this one and it is a reminder that I have other bloggers who are caring, creative and willing to share and listen. What a special thing we have created!

Even though we may go long without writing, it is always here and I hope that will continue indefinitely.

A lot has been happening lately. My husbands publishing company is really taking off and I am so proud of him. I help his with some office stuff but have started to really branch out and do my own artistic endeavors.

I found my dream job just last week. In Pensacola, there is a shop called Bia's Sublime Tea. It is a loose leaf tea shop with all the tea you could ever imagine and it is also a local artisan shop. In the back part of the store, Bia has three sewing machines and a workroom for crafting and making art. Bia and I have worked out a deal where I work for her a few days a week to keep the store and the tea organized and she pays me under the table. We also worked out that she would teach me how to sew and I could make items to sell in the store and make money off of what I make! I will also be teaching beginner and intermediate knitting classes as well as some other craft classes for children. On top of all that I get all the free tea I want! How crazy is that? It's literally my dream job for right now.

I'm currently working on a line of knit fruits and vegetables. Some are magnets. Others will be baby rattles and others just plush toys. I was approved to have my own stand at the local farmer's/artisan market and will be selling my items for the first time on August 6th! I thought I'd share some photos with you ladies because they are sort of fun and quirky.

The strawberries and the Mushrooms are magnets and the eggplant is a couch pillow that I made for my sister for her birthday. These projects have been so fun and rewarding. My focus now is on baby rattles. I'd like them to be able to be sold in boutiques around the country. So I'm going to be testing out price points and the right market for them and all that. It's exciting times! 

On a sadder note, I lost a good friend and mentor yesterday. He was an amazing man who changed thousands of people's lives. He pioneered hikes with people who could not walk and took thousands of people on thousands of hikes to see the world in all its natural glory. He even has peaks of mountains named after him because he was such a pioneer!! But more importantly he was my friend and taught me how to love with all my heart. I have a post about him on my blog if you'd like to read my tribute to him.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening everyone!


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Happy Caturday!

Let's celebrate Caturday with a picture of my kitty, Demon, curled up in bed taking a nap :D

Sorry I haven't been around much, my boyfriend is staying with me and he is a major computer hog! How is everyone?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Just my second post... I read the person below me had to give up. What a pity. I just thought about being more active in here, and she gave up...

So, I got my internship started! Nothing really spectacular, putting books on shelves, doing some paperwork (only basic, luckly). I'll have to deal with children who come to the library during school break. It would be probably a pleasure, but I'm not of those children-lover so I'm a little bit afraid.

Some people asked me to write something about myself so here I go: I'm Justyna, usually called Aleksis by my friends due to my RPG character's name. I used to play a little bit as a primary school student (well, something similiar to the RPG, at least ;) we had no idea about dices and points but we created everything and killed demons, rescued princesses and stuff like that) and I did also few months ago, until my group split to two parts. Life is brutal.

I'm an university student, studing slavic philology. I really like it, dealing with Slavic languages and also a folclore and rest of the culture. I felt in love with Upper-Sorbian language, but I know only basics of it (had 15 lessons at the uni) and I need to learn more! The first language I learn is Croatian and the second is Russian. I'm thinking about learning Czech by myself too! :)

Okay, time's up, my mum's calling me.
To the next time.
Ask questions to make my introducion easier ;)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hi friends!

I'm sorry I haven't been here lately and am afraid that I'm going to have to give this up though when I signed up, I fully did intend on writing on it long term.

I've had to much going on and then not being able to get over here has made me feel guilty and stressed out.

I hope you all understand and I'll still be on Swapbot so will see you around there.




Friday, 1 July 2011

News news

Hey girls, how's life? :D
I'm doing fine and I'm here to write my weekly annoying post!! I actually did something this week, so hopefully it won't be boring as the last one.

On monday I began a volountary work: I met this girl that teaches italian to immigrants. She's very smart and I think I'll learn a lot from her. During this first session I just sat there and watched what the lesson was like. It's nice to see people from different countries chat with one another in my language.
I've to be trained to make this on my own, of course since the classes consist in making them talk for a couple of hours and I can't make it!! It's really challenging for me to do something like this but I'll do my best!

Yesterday I went to the market with my mum. She finally managed to find a hour before going to work to make something together. She's not around a lot lately cause she's very busy at work and I've been lonely lately, since we're just the two of us at home.
My dad and my grandma came from Torre del greco yesterday though, so the house is full again!
Oh I took a picture for you while waiting for her to get the car. My house is the one with the red-leeves tree in the front:

I found a couple of cute things while shopping. I've to change the dress though cause it looks funny on me (silly me that didn't try it before buying it >_> ):

My shopping brought me to the Chinese grocery shop too and I got some stuff to make sushi (soy sauce, sushi mat and nori seaweed). Finally!! Do you girls know some vegetarian sushi recipes? So I can make it for my parents too.

And I forgot to post this last week, but I finished my pyjamas made from bad sheets. I also used it, it's comfy :D And, on the right, the loads of buttons I received for "Choose our own theme in a ziplock" swap. They're cute, aren't they?

Ok, I wanted to keep this short, so I stop here.
What have you been up to lately? Any plans for summer vacation?
Hope to read from all of you soon :D
Have a great week end!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shouting at Blogger like a crazy lady does at cats.

So Blogger still won't let me post comments.  A thousand apologies to everyone as I know part of the swap meant to reply to everyone.  It's a major annoyance.  You have no idea how many times I have thrown a childish paddy and stomped off, kicking small children in my wake.

I am dragging myself to Bristol in a couple of weeks to be in a room getting drunk with some comedy writers.  Going to go to a club that is also a bowling alley so going to wear some retro gear and stand around looking trendy which is hard to do in rented shoes.

If anyone knows why Blogger seem to have me on a please sign in loop on comments, please help!  I am starting to hear the theme from the Magic roundabout playing in my head and soon you will find me with a foil hat on to block the brainwaves from the Evil Bloggian Empire.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Random post

Hey everyone! How's been your week?
Mine was pretty boring, I'm studying for the last exam (13th July) and I did nothing funny. I saw my friends only once but other than that I just nerd-ed a lot.

I joined a swap called "Not Quite Normal Penpals Returns": "you will write to one partner a basic introduction letter with one simple twist- in this letter, you will introduce your "bad" side. Whatever it is about you that you think other people don't always approve of.."
It seemed quite interesting and I think this'll be a long letter xD Maybe I'd share some passages here if it doesn't come out too weird!

What else.. hum.. I'm still looking for a nice haircut since my hair is growing pretty quickly and they don't have a decent shape anymore. I downloaded some Japanese magazine about hairstyles and hair care and I "flipped through" them to look for ideas. This is my top 3:

Not bad, huh? :D

I still have lots of crafty projects on my to-do list (it's growing longer and longer!) and I'm looking forward the end of the summer session to dedicate my full attentions to it. I do craft a bit after dinner, but I can make just small projects. Probably I'd also be able to attend "sewing classes" next month and I really can't wait, I've so many ideas bubbling in my head.. I just hope that I won't forget them.

What are you girls going to do tonight? Anything funny?
I just decided with my friends to eat Kebab tonight.. mmh yummy, I've not eaten it in a while!

Have a great week end everyone!

PS: annoying swap coordinator mode: on - since the swap ends today remember to rate your partners for their comments on your intro post!
I really hope you all'll keep posting, it's really cool to read about your lives <3

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


First I must apologise.  For some reason, Blogger is not letting leave comments.  Perhaps the creators have already heard of my genius foot-in-mouth moments and have installed a program designed to stop me from asking why does your Mum have a beard when it turns out it is a pic of the monkey you saw at the zoo.

Japanese is really hard.  I have been using earworms to learn as I thought the idea of having it to music would be the best way.  Do not listen to this when you are out in public as you can find yourself rapping the Japanese to "I'll have a tea please" in the lift at Marks and Spencers (UK Department store).

I am currently writing a book.  An adult comic fairy tale if you like.  I mean more suited to grown ups, not whips and chains.  You think being a writer is glam.  It's not.  I spend my time shouting at Windows 7, drinking tea, and self censoring.  Being dyslexic, it's not always easy and I always make mistakes but I just have to keep checking and rechecking.

It's interesting to see all you crafters and how similar many of you are which is great.  Lots of lovely locations by the looks of things (Tokyo - Drool).  I have been looking through and been oohing and ahhing to the point the dog is looking at me like I'm bonkers.  This is a dog that as not worked out it's not another dog in the mirror.

Today has been Litha (Midsummer) in the Wicca calendar.  I am a bit of a White witch.  I don't tend to strictly follow any faith but like to lean towards things that appeal to me.  I spent today out in the summer sunshine gaining freckles and leaping over cowpats.  I hope you have all been enjoying the sun and the long days.  I like to see all the woodland animals, especially squirrels which I get very giddy over. 

I am really looking forward to reading more on here :o)

Monday, 20 June 2011

It's summer time!!!

Czesc :D
I finally managed to log in!

I'm very, very happy today!!! I managed to pass the last exam at my university (well, last for the semester, at least) so from now on I have holiday, finally!
Well, I have to make an internship this year so there's still few paper work to do, but I'm very very happy. I didn't think I'll manage to pass all the 4 of them. If I didn't I would have to retake them in September (Polish holiday for university students are from July to September - the first day of the lecturers is 1st October) while I wanted to go somewhere that month ;)
I was dying from stress and my stomach still hurts, but I'm very, very happy. School kills. It definitelly does!

I'm still not very sure how can I spent those holiday. I usually just hang around and read many books, visit my dad in the UK and try to learn Japanese (though I still don't speak it almost at all). But how many holidays can be similiar! Come on! I'm sure this year I'm going to make something really cool! (I'll write what is it when I think of it)

Many thanks to Lima for letting me join this swap. I think it's really a great idea to share your thoughts in a blog!

I'd like to add a photo of the Baltic Sea :D (I live near it; photo made by me)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ok Girls I just had to share..........

I think I posted that I loved to read in my earlier post and that's probably a understatement, I have tons and tons of books around this small apartment. Anyhow....... I thought that I would turn my love into something I love to do, Soooooo........ I decided to start doing book reviews on my blog. And today I can say that I posted my very first review that  I was approached to do by the author. I know its not that big of a deal but with the way that my life has been going the last few years I see it as a accomplishment how small it is:)

If you wanna check it out here it is You can also enter to win a copy of the ebook

Thanks for letting me share,


I started cutting when I was 13, after dealing with being sexually abused by my step-brother since I was 9. The way he would touch me, and tell me that I was worthless and that I deserved to be hurt and humiliated has made me absolutely loathe myself.

A friend of mine at the time was cutting herself, and the day she showed me her scars, something inside me snapped and I became my own worst enemy. I tried hundreds of times to stop, but I always went right back to the one thing that I needed to walk away from.

When I was 18 I met my boyfriend - and I don’t know how, but he turned my entire world upside down. The day after I met him, I swore that I would stop cutting, and its now been around ten months with only a few slip-ups.

Blogging Love

Hi my new friends. I hope it's ok to post this. I'm just so excited and wanted to post my cool news! Well a while back I decided to enter a blog contest for the U. S and Canada called the Lovable Label BlogHer' 11 getaway contest. The winner wins a free trip to San Diego for a huge BlogHer Conference with over 3,000 antendees. Well I submitted a blog entry, you can read it here:

And I'm a top 10 finalist!!!!! They just announced it today. I'm just so excited and wanted to share my news. I'm not sure how many of you are on facebook but feel free to friend me (Rebecca Tillinghast) and I'll have links there where you can vote for me to win. This would be such a dream!

Thanks for listening guys. I'm just so pumped!


Hope you don't mind if I share a bit of my week

Hi girls!
As said in the title I hope you don't mind if I share few recent things with you. It's been a strange week, few things happened that had different effects on me.. be patient with my ramblings, please!

First of all I did an exam on Thursday, it was about marketing, that's one of my favourite subjects.
I had to do this test with the silliest of the methods: the teacher dictated to us the first question and we had 20 minutes to answer, then she'd dictate the second and give us 20 minutes to answer and then the third and after 20 minutes we had to hand our test in. Crazy! Also because they are very generic question, like "discuss the packaging theme" (.. err WTH!!) and at the end you don't even have the time to re-read what you wrote.
Anyway I did it and after my 20 minutes ride by train to go back home I met with a friend (Alice) to make some grocery shopping. We both love Asian food, so, since she works close to my place, we met once a week to have lunch together. Look :D

There are ramen packages, Ravioli, spring rolls and chips. Yum!!

The following day then I had a very nice surprise: my mum works in a school that has fashion classes and they're doing stocktaking. Apparently they had to threw away stuff that is in very good condition, so she brought me a tailor's dummy.. aaah I'm so happy!! She brought me some books too that teachers use during classes and they're simply amazing, all those fascinating drawings of dresses and clothes.. I'd take some pictures to show you. I can barely hide the excitement!

Oh I need a name for this lady now, any suggestions?

It's like a source of inspiration, like I need to use it! I already have few ideas: a summer pyjamas from old bad sheets, a lace vest and few reconstruction.. I'll post some pics when I'm done and I really can't wait to get to work! Also because.. I was about to spend some money on a website to buy me few summer things, but the shipping costs were too much and I decided that I'd try to make them myself. Mh! I think I'm putting myself into something too big for me, but I'll try anyway!

Sorry for the rant girls, but I really need to share this with someone :D (my friends aren't interested in sewing *sulks*).
Have a nice week end everyone! Do you have any plans?

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ashe / tenblackr0ses - Moi!

You can call me Ashe.

I live without limits as an uncaged bird in human form. To die is to live again, for there is no life without death, and no death without life. Photography and writing are the means by which I bring to life my appreciation and wonder of the world we live in. I view my life as a constantly evolving, all-encompassing work of art, and this work of art has become the most beautiful mosaic I have ever created.

I also hold a special place in my heart for moonlight, the hours before dawn, silence, storms, literature, meaningful music, late nights, and walking in torrential downpour.

Oh, and I'm a level-headed anarchist armed with words, brainpower, and a personal philosophy of non-violence. Pleasure to meet you.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do ya think she's spoiled? lol

 Kyla in her stroller

Believe it or not, she loves it!

I live in a really small apartment in a hi-rise building and so like to go out in the park which is right on the other side of the parking lot, to get fresh air and I like to take Kyla out with me.

When I first started taking her out, I was carrying her and holding her the whole time we were out there,

But then I decided to get a pet stroller and found that they cost close to $100.00.  Ouch, too much!

So, I found the stroller above for 20 dollars at Walmart and it's perfect and she loves riding in it!    

I've had her in it for over an hour before and she hasn't fought to get out of it or anything, she just relaxes and takes in everything around her.

Today while out in the park, I let her out of it but had her harness and leash on her and she played in the grass, rolled in the dirt and stalked birds that were near-by [she couldn't reach them or anything!] .. we stayed out for almost 2 hours!

Just thought I'd share the pictures with ya.   I know, not that many people buy a baby stroller for their cats but I'm sure that they already think of me as the crazy cat lady anyways.  ha!  ha!  

This is what I caught her doing a few days ago ... bad kitty!  lol

a place for our art!

HI everyone!

Does anyone know how we can create a place for all of us to upload our creations to show one another? I know we can add a flickr or picassa widget but I'm not sure how to do it without tying it to my own personal e mail address. I want us all to be able to access it! Or will it be easier just to add photos in a post? You all seem so creative! I love sharing so we can inspire one another!

Love all the posts so far!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

To new friends

Hi everyone!

My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca. Before I dig in about myself I just want to say what a cool idea this is. I love meeting people from all over and this is genius!


I'm 25 years old and will be 26 on august 9th. I currently live in Pensacola, FL. I have been here for only 4 days. In the past 2 years I have lived in Kentucky, Rhode Island, Nevada, Missouri and now Florida. Insane right!? I guess you could say my husband and I truly love adventure. We recently got married this past October in the incredible New England foliage on a lake. We wear wedding bands made of oak
and proudly walked down the aisle in our TOMS shoes. We shared our wedding night with 20 of our closest friends and family and bunked up in cabins in the woods. We spent 9 months traveling around the country in our prius and tent camping everywhere we went. So that gives you a little more insight into our life style and why we move around so much! We like change and growth and movement!

I grew up in RI with my sister Emily who is 3 years younger than me and both my patents. I've been so fortunate to have so much family around me all the time. All 4 of my grandparents danced on my wedding day along with 100 of my other relatives that I am close with. It's a big crazy Jewish family!!

I grew up learning a lot about the Jewish faith. I even speak a little Hebrew still. But spiritually
I feel connected to God through other means. I'm a little stuck in the 'religion' department. But overall I am a very spiritual centered and peaceful person. I see beauty everywhere. I can't help it!

I became a vegetarian when I was 18 and never looked back. I now eat a predominantly vegan diet and feel amazing when I stick to it! I'm a huge follower of Alicia Silverstone's: The Kind Diet. She even featured my blog, bpositive. bfree on her website!!

I run. A lot! I ran my first marathon in April and plan on doing another this winter. I love to knit. I recently knit some vegetable baby rattles for a friend with twins!

My husband is an entrepreneur which gives me a lot of freedom. I work when I want to but when I need time for me I take it. My blog had really developed from that kind of freedom. Adam, my husband is the kindest most loving person I know. We're a team in every sense of the word.

I think that's all for now. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Since I just moved it's taking me some time to get through all my e mails and stuff. I can't wait to have a few minutes to sit down and get to know all of you. Thanks for reading!

OH yeah and I love having new facebook friends! Find me as Rebecca Tillinghast!


Hi! I'm Anya (Mintea from Swap-bot!), and I'm a 20-year-old university student in Tokyo, Japan. I'm actually originally from Seoul, though I've also lived in Miami, Atlanta, Panama, and Singapore. I don't know what to answer to the 'where was the best place you lived?' question that I get often, though, because each place had its pros and cons and whether I liked a place or not has more to do with the quality of social life I had there more than anything to do with the country itself, haha.

The radiation fears in Japan are stressing me out these days! I'll probably die of stress before radiation effects me critically, haha. Since I can't use tap water, I'm currently cooking pasta and rice with Evian and Volvic @_@.

Japan does have nice cake though! They have a cake buffet (funnily enough, buffets here are called 'viking's here. Wiki says it's because the first buffet in Japan was from a restauraunt called 'Imperial Viking', but Japanese people have told me that it's because buffets type meals originated in viking ships, though that doesn't seem to be true) that everyone checks out at least once. However, TIP: don't try to stuff plates of cake in an empty stomach. You just want to throw up after a while! Our friends ended up spending a lot of time trying to dispose the cake (including dissolving it in drinks!) that we couldn't eat so we didn't have to pay the fine.

My friend and I eat dessert every Monday (it helps brighten the awful, awful Mondays!), and here's one from my latest trip:

Despite all the cake eating and stuff, I don't like sugar very much. I scape off all whipped cream from sweets and I don't like chocolate bars. I hate doughnuts. I like spicy food best, like Korean, Thai, Mexican, and Indian. Give me spices! I don't like a lot of Japanese food (especially because I hate seafood, although I like tuna and salmon sushi because they don't taste fishy) except for katsu curry don and Japanese ramen because they are aweesome.

That's pretty much it for today. I don't have a lot of hobbies besides digital drawing, writing, and reading fan fiction, but if I ever decide to show other people the first two (although mind, I am too good at procrastinating), I hope you guys will see it :D

And here's a photo of me with my friend, though it's not the one I have Monday desserts with, haha (I'm on the left):

Hello, everyone! I noticed the blog is up and running now, so I thought I would go ahead and send in my intro. =)

My name is Marian and I am 22 years old from the state of Oklahoma in the United States. I was born and raised in Texas, but after I graduated with my BA in English, I moved to Oklahoma to be with my now husband. I've been in Oklahoma for over two years now and I love it, although I do not love living in suburbia. =p

We are currently located in Oklahoma City, which is one of the largest cities in terms of land mass in the world. It is roughly three times larger than Dallas, but we have only two million people, so as you can tell, the city is quite spread out and covers many counties. You have to drive quite a way to get outside of the city limits, but for miles before you reach the limits you still see farmland with cattle or other livestock on it. I even passed by a pasture with a flock of sheep in it the other day, and this was in a developing area with neighborhoods and shops nearby. I like to refer to Oklahoma City as a big city with a small-town feel. Oklahoma also gets many tornadoes and is always windy.

My husband and I eloped and were married on 11/10/09. We don't have any children and don't plan on having any for at least several more years. For now, we are happy with our eight dogs, who are very much spoiled. =) Although we live in the suburbs, we are in the process of buying some land outside of Oklahoma City, so that we can start working toward self-sufficiency. We have dreams of a quiet life where we work for our livelihood and have as little dependence on society as possible. I look forward to farming and raising my own food, as I disagree with the methods of food production currently being used in America (for livestock and crops), and want to know exactly where my food comes from, how it was cared for, and what goes into it.

I am a big animal person and would like to one day start a rescue for the hardest-to-place animals, like big black dogs, black cats, geriatric animals, Pit Bulls, etc. I love dog training and am practicing my skills with my own dogs so that one day, I can help unruly dogs find homes instead of being put down because of their bad habits.

I am a very creative person and I love art and writing as well as crafting. My favorite craft is knitting, and the main livestock we plan to have after we move are sheep so that I can shear the wool and spin it myself (a craft I also enjoy) for my knitting. I also enjoy crocheting when I need a break from knitting, as it is easier and faster for me to do, but not quite as enjoyable as knitting. =) I sew, embroider, and papercraft as well, and do pretty much any craft that catches my fancy. I love to sketch and I also paint, although I am not nearly as good at painting as I am at sketching.

I am a bit of a hippie in that I try to reuse, recycle, or repurpose everything. I enjoy taking things that people would normally throw away and finding some useful purpose for them. For example, I start seeds growing in Styrofoam cups from fast food places. We use a large trash bin to compost food waste and spread in our flowerbeds when it is ready. I save used paper to make recycled lettersets and such. And I like to take thrift store clothing, de-construct it, and sew it into something fresh and new. We aim to keep trash out of the landfill and only need to put our trash bins out for pick-up every six weeks or so.

There is much more to me than just what I have written, but I think I have written quite a lot and this shall suffice for now. =) This is a picture of my husband and I:

Monday, 13 June 2011

Greetings from Ohio.............

Hi ya all, My name is Mindy (aka bugsandbells, aka single country gal). Nice to meet you all, I'm really looking forward to this swap! I think that its going to be cool to be able to pen pal not to one of you but all of you. OK now for alittle about myself and my life.I have to warn you though I'm not to great about talking about myself, but here I go.

I'm single and I just turned 35 this year. I live in a mid size town in North central Ohio called Mansfield. I have lived here all my life.I live alone in a one bedroom apt with my 3 year old male Maine Coon cat , whose name is Shadow. Shadow is  my Fur baby and is like my child as I have no human children of my own.

My parents are still married and also live in Mansfield, as well as my sister and her family. I have 2 nieces ages 8 and 22 months and a nephew who is due at the end of august.

I went to the Ohio State University and have my bachelors degree in elementary education, Although I am not working to my disability, I have Cerebral Palsy. I would love to get back into the classroom but at this time that's not possible.

So, I keep myself busy by cooking,gardening, crafting and reading,( I just love books) and my new love blogging. I have a blog and its if any of you would like to check it out. I do alot of book reviews and product reviews and I have some giveaways and stuff coming up soon.

My favorite colors are orange, purple, pink( not barbie pink) and brown. I collect cats, dragonflies and owls.
if you find a cat that looks like Shadow let me know I have been looking for one and can't find one. Well I think that's about it. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about myself. Have a great day ladies!



Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ciao gente!

My turn now!! >:3
Nice to meet you all, my name is Elisa (Lima or Giuggi are my nicknames) I’m 22 years old ( is the 13th October). I live in Reggio Emilia, that's in northern Italy (close to Bologna) but I was born in Torre del Greco (close to Naples = Napoli) that's in the south.. all this to say that my family is spread all over the country! I live in Reggio with my mum. My older brother instead works and lives in Milano and my dad in Torre with the rest of my family. We see them just during week ends.

I study marketing at the business college. I still have to understand how I got there, but when I'm not sulking about how I hate some subjects it's pretty interesting.
I'd love to get a creative job even if I'm not sure what I'd like to do exactly.

I don't like to make plans in my life, just recently I got a planner and I write down short term projects only. I'm pretty messy and the space in which I live it's a clear proof of it. And I think that the mess that I create outside missors nicely the one I've in my head. In a good sense.. I hope.

I love music, cinema, photography and crafting.
I strum the bass from time to time and listen to all kind of music, from jazz to indie to japanese rock and whatever fits my mood best.
I'm a lame photographer (you can see it by yourself >> here << ) and I'd like to take some serious classes after graduation to improve my techniques. I think I can stop the time with photography that's a concept that really intrigues me.. probably because I've a very bad memory!
I like books and cinema too. Cinema is way more invasive than books.. on an imagination level I mean but I like them both, whatever kind is ok, apart from sappy romantic comedy.

I also like to sew a lot. It relaxes me. Seeing something that takes form under my hand is very satisfying. In the end I realize just 1/100 of the projects I'd like to make but oh well..

I'm a big fan of the Asian world. I'm very fascinated by its culture and the more I learn the more I notice how few things I actually know.
I like Japanese fashion magazines which give me an incredible amount of inspiration for my crafts. I also used to read/watch a lot of manga/anime and drama and I like visual kei. A lot.

Let's see what else.. hum.. I like junk food and make improbable new combination with it every time I can. I love animals (especially kitties and felines in general, even if I've a soft spot for elephants and monkeys) . I'm quite a nerd, I spend a lot of time at my pc and I like few TV series.
I like to travel very much! I've been to Berlin, Santorini, Prague and Paris and I'd love to visit London next. Hopefully I'll find myself a job once I finish the exams, to save some money.

I really am a tomboy. I'm not rude or anything, I just don't like the whiny side that the majority of women seems to have. I still like clothes and shopping though and lately I got this need to renew my look in a very personal way.. I'm asking some help to whoever has advices out there, cause I still don't have a clue where to begin xD

Ok, enough for today, hope it wasn't too boring!

Hello hello hello!

On Swapbot I am Pookiepooka and this is a few things about me.....

I live in the UK in Devon but was born in London.

I write under a pen name.  I have had a few online publications as well as a few comedy scripts.  Some having been made into animations.  I originally trained in performing arts wanting to act but lost my love for the stage along the way and after a brief stint as a performance artist, decide to get into writing.

I do a lot of crafty stuff but still class myself as a beginner.  I love to cook and have a sweet tooth.

I live with my Father as I am now his carer.  My Mother passed away in April this year.  I also have a dog who likes the sound of his own voice.

I like to keep fit but am still a curvy girl.  I used to be a very big girl indeed so this is nothing.  I could probably get down to a UK size 10 but that would mean giving up all the bad food I love.

I can be extremely girlie and at the same time, tend to get on with guys better as they geek out with me more and get my evil sense of humour.

I am currently learning Japanese as I intend one day to visit Japan which is my dream holiday.  It's hard to learn but I will get there.

I am Christmas mad and known as the Christmas Kween by most who know me.

I am a winter person and love rain and the cold.  I hate summer and get very depressed.

I am very intro kitsch and retro design and love old toys and TV shows.

I love music and can be a real music geek.  I like anything from Electro to rock to disco to classical.  Playing music however escapes me.  I have tried to learn but have been begged to stop!

I can be a proper airhead sometimes and get really confused.  I am very clumsy.

I hate having my photo taken so I avoid cameras and I hate to discuss my age as I was raised to believe it's rude.  All I will say is I am an 80s child.

My main philosophy in life is to always be a child.  When we stop playing, we lose our creativity.

Yes, the pic is drawing of myself by a friend :)

Hope to speak to you all soon X

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hi Friends from Debi [Jennelle]

Hi Everybody ... my name is Debi and I'm so excited to be here!

[My user name on Swap-Bot is Jennelle, which is my middle name, thought I'd mention that so as not to confuse anyone.]

You'll have to forgive me as I'm probably not the best at writing an intro but will do the best I can at it.   : )


This is me 

Okay, here goes ... I'm 55 years old [Ouch - it still hurts to admit to it.  ha!  ha!] and I'm a Christian.

I have two kids who are both grown and on their own and also have 7 grandkids as well.  

At home, it is just myself and my fur-baby and her name is Kyla ... she'll be a year old in July and is just a bit spoiled.   lol

This is Kyla 

My kids names are Jason and Keesha.   Jason is 35 and Keesha just turned 34 the end of May.  

Jason and Keesha

My grandkids range from 17 years old, down to two year old and of course, they're all special to me!   

Some of the things I'm interested in are:

Scrapbooking ... well, actually for right now, there is a new fad out [actually it's probably not so new, come to think of it but I'm fascinated with it anyways!]

It's called a Smash Book.   If you'd like to see what one is, here's a link for ya.   Smash Books

Other interests I have are reading on my Kindle [I can't tell you how much I love it  ... it is so convenient to have and I mean, how else could you carry 1500 books with you at one time if you wanted to?   lol

I make my own postcards and send many of them to people in nursing homes, just to let them know that someone is thinking about them.   It's a small thing to do but I think it probably helps to make their day a little nicer.   I hope it does anyways!

Other interests ... I make crosses out of plastic canvas and give them away.    As of this time, I've had over 350 of them be taken to Equador to orphanages.   

Also have had many I've given to Operation Christmas Child to be put into shoe boxes and taken to children in other countries and some will be going to Africa this month, with a missionary.    

This summer, I'm working on and hope to finish 75 of them if not more, to be sent to our US Troops.    

I've got to keep busy and to always being doing something, that's why when I go somewhere, it looks like I'm moving.   Ha!  ha!  

Another thing that I love is learning about other countries and hope to do some swaps later about this ... maybe even one on one swaps with people writing long letters about their country [or even visit] to countries that I'm really interested in learning more about.

Wow ... I bet by now I've probably put you all half-way to sleep with my rambling on, huh?!    : )

Later on I'll share more pictures and  stuff but for now, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm heading to bed.  

Have a nice Sunday everyone ... can't wait to read all of your intros [letters].  



Before I go, here's a smile for ya ...